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General Forensic Consulting

Expert Guidance

Looking for a second opinion or the quick guidance of an expert but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or assessing your legal strategy that involves medical or psychiatric issues? Let us guide you.

Advisory services for litigators:

  • Case Organization – Assistance in case organization and preparation and recommending appropriate type of expert witness.

  • Cross-Examination – Assistance in preparing for an effective cross-examination expert witnesses.

  • Trial Presentation – Assistance with identifying issues to address by review and analysis of medical and psychiatric information.

Why a forensically trained physician vs. a treatment physician? Treatment physicians are bound ethically to advocate for their patients and mostly rely on direct patient statements, thus inherently biased. On the other hand, expert physicians are minimally biased and trained to analyze the potential link of all the facts to the medical issue, while being ethically bound to objectivity. 


Advisory services for emergency services:

  • Skill training for interacting and/or interviewing citizens with mental illness.

Other advisory services:

  • Media and Film consulting. 

  • Hospital and/or Correctional facility quality assurance monitoring.

  • Hospital and/or Correctional facility mental health program development.


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